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Dance Baksa Kembang of South Kalimantan Regional

Dance Baksa Kembang 1Baksa Kembang dance including classical dance types, which survive and thrive in the palace of Banjar, which is danced by the daughters of the palace. This dance gradually spread to the people of Banjar with dancers galuh-galuh Banjar. This dance is performed to entertain the family palace and greeted guests like a king or a noble prince.

Dance Baksa Kembang 2After this dance popular in the community in the Land of Banjar, serves to welcome guests state officials in the celebration of the great days of regional or national. Beside that also dances performed in Baksa Kembang Banjar wedding celebration or a celebration such as a host of safety. This dance wearing a pair of hand properties is developing a series of flower Bogam roses, jasmine, and ylang kantil. Bogan flowers will be awarded to guests officials and wife, after it finished taraian danced.

Dance Baksa Kembang 3For a brief description, this dance describes teenage daughters beautiful playing in the garden of flowers. They picked some flowers and then assembled into flower blossoms bogam then they bring this bogam enjoying themselves while dancing with a supple. Baksa Kembang dance wear named Elephant Gemuling crowns carved by the flowers that shake, a pair of small bogam flowers placed on the crown and strand woven from coconut leaves called halilipan. Baksa Kembang dance is usually danced by a number of odd count as one person, three people, five men and so on. And is accompanied by a set dance or gamelan tetabuhan to the tune of the song is standard sieves and Janklong or Kambang Muni.

Dance Baksa Kembang 4Baksa Kembang dance is in the Banjar society there are several versions, this happens every offspring has an individual style but is still a characteristic of the dance Baksa Kembang, like Lagureh, TAPUNG Rope, Kijik, Jumanang. In the 1990s, South Kalimantan Cultural Park gathering berinisiaf dance coaches from all Baksa Kembang to make a version of Dance Baksa Kembang standard. Once there is agreement, then the Dance diadakanlah workshoup participants Baksa Kembanag with representatives from local districts and municipal in South Kalimantan. Although there was a dance dance Baksa Kembang existing version but only revolves around the family or local, but in competitions, festivals or artistic mission out of the South Kalimantan have been dancing for a standardized.

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