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Nature Tourism Park Mountain Tangkuban Parahu

Tangkuban Perahu Crater is one of the attractions located in the southern district. Subang, located at an altitude of 2084 m above sea level. With rows of natural beauty and coolness of the crater that extends a typical mountain air and the expanse of other mountains towering around it and the many collections of herbs and plants typical of tropical forest that thrives around the crater, making the mountain Tangkuban Parahu as an attractive tourist destination in Subang Regency.

Viewed from the city of Bandung, the mountain Tangkuban has a unique shape resembles a boat upside down (the Sunda language: Tangkuban = inverted, Parahu = Boat). Unique shape is believed to have a very close relationship with Sangkuriang legend. Enjoying the view from the crater of Mount Tangkuban Queen Boat, like seeing a giant bowl of very large and deep. When the weather was sunny, the curve of the soil on the crater wall of the crater base as well as can be seen quite clearly so as to present a spectacular panoramic view. Splendor of the crater is so vast and deep, at least capable of forcing the viewer to a moment silent and amazed by the greatness of God's work.

Entrance Facilities and Tariff

Souvenir shop, cafeteria and information center (TIC), souvenir shops, homestay, camping ground, outbound area, parking areas, areas to ride. The tariffs went into the location of attractions Tangkuban Parahu Rp 9000.


To go to these attractions, visitors can use a personal vehicle wheels either 2 or 4 wheels or public transport. The travel time to the Sari ATER attractions, from the town of Subang with travel time approximately 40 minutes south of Bandung, while around 50 minutes and from Jakarta via toll Sadang with travel time approximately 3 hours while the hot water attractions with travel time Ciater 15 minutes.
Condition of the road to this area, both from Bandung, Subang and also very good. But keep in mind about the condition of the vehicle, due to the location from Bandung, Subang and going through a tough climb.

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