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The Beauty of Batik Pekalongan

Batik Pekalongan 1Talking about batik, as if there will be no end, all kinds of Central Javanese batik motifs and how to take care of batik cloth, now we are slightly shifted up towards the north coast of Java, Pekalongan. In this city, the traffic is very high batik trade is extraordinary. They not only accept batik influenced by motives court with kawung colors. Before any further, be helpful to know in advance whether it was true batik technique.

Batik Pekalongan 2Batik originated from the Javanese word "amba", meaning to write and "nitik". Batik is a technique of creating color by using canting or cap. Then a cloth dipped in color barrier material that is malam (wax), so the dye does not enter. In the English language known as wax-resist dyeing. Coastal Pekalongan batik style and composition has a richer color. Batik patterns are usually adapted to regional circumstances. Like Coastal Batik Pekalongan, symbolizes the motive was nuanced coast. For example marine floral and marine animals. Another case with the dominant Javanese Batik with motives lines, boxes, and other geometrical construction. Although the form of stalks, flowers, and animals still dominate.

Batik Pekalongan 3Batik pattern in this region heavily influenced by the culture of Demak thick with the culture of Islam and also the traders who came. No wonder if then they can receive all kinds of colors and images that could finally show their open attitude. Until the early 20th century known batik process is then developed batik with batik stamp at the time of World War raged. Keep in mind also almost all Batik Pekalongan elements include flowers and birds into Hong batik patterns. This pattern is influenced by China. Then why coastal batik motif is more diverse and rich? Many experts argue that batik is because society is much more open beach so brave to express yourself.

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