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Finally Batik official Recognized As World Cultural Heritage Indonesia by UNESCO

Good news for lovers and pengarajin batik. United Nations Education Social and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) set of batik as a form of cultural heritage objects rather than human or representative of UNESCO list of intengible cultural heritage of humanity.

The process of batik as the inauguration of the cultural heritage is not the thing took place on 28 September to 2 October in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Batik is recognized as a cultural heritage rather than the object that comes from the Indonesian nation. Batik is considered as a cultural icon that is unique as a symbol and tradition in a society with a profound philosophy, which includes the human life cycle proposed by Indonesia as a cultural heritage of humanity did not object. This is important, because it concerns that the batik regarded as the nation's cultural origin is recognized as Indonesia and the cultural representation of the object not of humanity.

In a summarizing assessment of batik, UNESCO asking questions such as whether batik generated down-down that comes from Indonesia. Also asked whether the government provide protection against Indonesia's batik. Is the government doing the safe guard of batik. The answer, the government has made a guide book and education about batik spread in schools. UNESCO was also asked whether Indonesia has a batik community, industry, users, culture and history. Based on UNESCO's evaluation of batik has been approved to be one not of cultural heritage objects of human heritage of UNESCO.

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