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Tanah Lot Temple Charm: Bali Rock in Temple

" Bali Island of Thousand Temple ", a phrase or term is not a mere hoax. In some places in Bali there are some places praying / temple that is very big and special. Each - every temple in Bali is identical with the history of the formation of communities in the area. Many spiritual circles to make Bali as one of the places to visit (tirta Yatra), because the magical aura of Bali itself (maybe one of them caused by a would - be listed here.)

In relation to tourism, would - be it the main attraction for tourists, both foreign and domestic. Not infrequently they were amazed culture and ordinances praying Hindus in Bali. One of the temple which is visited by tourists is Pura Tanah Lot. Pura Tanah Lot is located in Tabanan regency, around 20 km from Denpasar. Tanah Lot in Bali language means "Land in the middle of the ocean", if we look at the position of Pura Tanah Lot is jutting out to sea. This temple stands on a rock boulder, where nature has been fashioned in such a way that it becomes a form of a very beautiful and unique.

Perhaps the story of this temple was founded by "Dang Hyang Niratha" in the 15th century. He was impressed by the aura of sanctity of this place, so that eventually ask people about to set up a "pelinggih" here. In addition to Pura Tanah Lot, in this location there is a "sacred serpent" decent attention. Many visitors curious to see and touch the sacred snake, which is said to provide blessings and salvation.

To get into the area of Tanah Lot, subject to cost Rp. 5000 per person. Along the road leading to the temple area, there are many souvenir hawkers and Balinese food. In addition because of the beauty of its temples, Tanah Lot is also famous for sunsetnya a very beautiful, and it turns out Tanah Lot is also one surf spot in Bali, though not as famous as Kuta, Dreamland, and other beaches. But, there is a new warning to couples going together, you have to be careful - careful if you come here, because according to myth, the relationship you will be going to last long.

Well for you who want to see another side of Bali, boring with the noise of Kuta Beach, and want to find a new nuance, Tanah Lot, a goal worthy alternative. Enjoy the sunset with a can of soft drink, cheeeers !!

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