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Founded Mendut By Dynasty Sailendra On 8th Century AD

Founded Mendut By Dynasty Sailendra On 8th Century AD 1Mendut temple is located at the east of the straight line triad temple (Borobudur, Pawon, Mendut). This temple was founded by the dynasty and set berlakang Syailendra Buddhism, where it is shown in the form of the stupa there are 48 pieces in the atasnya.Tidak known exactly when this temple was founded. But a Dutch archaeological inscription mentions that found in didesa KARANGTENGAH bertarikh 824M Indra argued that the king had built the shrine called venunava which means bamboo forests. If this is true then surely Mendut founded in the 8th century AD.

Founded Mendut By Dynasty Sailendra On 8th Century AD 2On the inside of this temple there is a room containing the altar where the three statues of Buddha stands. All three statues are starting from the far left is Vajravani Bodhisattva, the Buddha Sakyamuni and Bodhisattva. These three Buddha statues are still in good condition, some flowers and incense seems dibagian lying underneath. An iron fence was built the statue of the front to avoid excessive visitor interaction / was not concerned over this third Buddha statue. Reliefs found on temple walls are still clearly visible form / engraving. Relief contains the story of the moral teachings using animal characters (fables) as characters. There is a story of "Brahmins and Crab", "Goose and Turtle", "Two Birds of a Different Betet" and "Dharmabuddhi and Dustabuddhi", the contents of the story briefly is as follows.

Founded Mendut By Dynasty Sailendra On 8th Century AD 3"Brahmins and Kepeting": Telling the story of a Brahmin who saved a crab for the crab is then returned the favor with a way to save the Brahmin from the disruption of crows and snakes. "Goose and Turtle": Talking about a tortoise who was flown two geese kedanau new. Because emotions in speech responded to what they do, the tortoise, so let go the ground and eventually fall off. "Two Birds of a Different Betet": tells the parrot behavior of two very different because it only brought up by the Brahmins and the other by a highwayman. "Dharmabuddhi and Dustabuddhi": Two different friends Dustabuddhi behavior which has accused the despicable nature Dharmabuddhi behave abominably, but eventually discovered and Dustabudhi crime nor sentenced.

Founded Mendut By Dynasty Sailendra On 8th Century AD 4Chronologically, Mendut discovered in 1836. Later in the year renovation in 1897 and 1904 at the temple of the body but the results are less satisfactory. In the year 1908 archaeologists restored again by the Dutch until the top can be rearranged. In 1925 a number of stupas that have dirapihkan, installed and reassembled. Building area as a whole is 13.7 X13, 7 height 26.4 meters meterdengan.

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