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Traditional Weapon Badik of Makassar

Traditional Weapon Badik of Makassar 1Lekko pitu. Badik or keris, a long form with the agreed curve, where a pointed tip, and stem decorated with lines resembling veins flow from the rod tip up to the kris, which is embedded in the wood called the stomach with the butt.

Keris known as pitu lekko Badik, Luwu tana community, south sulawesi. sometimes believed to be local people can protect them from the threat of danger, and made by some male or Bura'ne regional languages, as personal protection.

According to tau Luwu trust, or his Indonesian people Luwu, if Badik lekko pitu, is supposedly said Badik made by their ancestors who used to be one of tools of war weapons, to fight the enemy.

Traditional Weapon Badik of Makassar 2Disulawesi southern or formerly known denagan celebes, some areas that have the kingdom, each having a weapon or Badik heritage, which until now was inherited by some of his generation.

If ditana Luwu, known as pitu lekko Badik, it is different in the kingdom of Makassar and Gowa, Makassar and Gowa community, has Badik tau kalewang regional languages, which are named Badik battang Lompo.

Lompo Badik battang called, because in the middle or body Badik, like berbetuk concave belly, but the tip remains pointed, usually battang Lompo Badik size, slightly greater than other regions Badik.

Traditional Weapon Badik of Makassar 3Meanwhile in the kingdom of bone, which represents the community or tana bugis ugi, also has called Badik KAWALI ugi (Badik bugis). Diaman KAWALI ugi, size is not too long, nor simple form

Diversity Badik variety, of course, not only in the four regions bugis kingdom, makassar, Gowa and Luwu kingdom, but almost all regions in South Sulawesi province, has Badik with diversity and characteristics of each area.

Makassar bugis for society, or community south sulawesi, especially men Bura'ne, once it is identical with Badik themselves, where Badik was used as a symbol of virility "real man".

Usually if man-makassar bugis, feel humiliated, then there is only one word that they use as a symbol, namely siri'napacce, which sometimes is they must finish with a male, who ultimately end up at the end Badik.

However, eroded by time and change this culture, is now only a few men-bugis makassar, which maintain or Badik mengidentikan himself with this also because the rules of law that prohibits people with Badik.

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