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Tari Saman From Aceh is the Indonesian Traditional Dance

A traditional art called "summons" has grown and developed in Central Aceh regions, especially in Gayo society. Gayo natural hinterland lies Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Province. Saman dance itself was born ± XIV century, until today is still growing and still in its original form, which is almost in every village in this region warrant tersebut.Tarian created and developed by an Islamic religious leader called Sheikh Saman, so the name of the dance similar (synonyms) creators own name

Saman dance is the development of the art of dance, which originally was called "Pok pok Ane" is singing a poem to the accompaniment of clapping hands, pat his chest and thigh slap. Then by Sheikh Saman Pok pok Ane art is altered and embellished with various variations. There was movement applause, pat your chest, thigh with his right hand and left, changing the turn, so was born Sarah saman Uman, Manjik Saman and others. Saman dance can be classified as entertainment / performances, because performances of dance is not bound by time, event or a particular ceremony. Can be displayed at every opportunity that is noise and joy.

Saman own poems used in Arabic and Aceh. Before the start of a warrant mukaddimah or opening, appears a wise old man or a traditional leaders to represent the local community (keketar) or advice that is useful to the players and spectators. Songs and poems together disclosure and continuous, the players consist of men who are still young by wearing traditional clothes. Presentation of the dance can also be performed, the match between the group with a group guests sepangkalan (two groups). Assessment emphasis on the ability of each group in following the movements, dance and song (poetry) presented by the opposition.

Tari Saman is the delivery of ideas that contains the values of education as a whole. Thus, saman dance play an important role in the socio-cultural life of the Indonesian nation. In this perspective saman dance that developed in the province of Aceh, Gayo tribe in particular can give a positive contribution in the culture of the Acehnese people. especially in the arts of life, local language and local customs in Aceh. In addition, saman dance has been able to contribute to moral education and religious fields. In each appearance, speakers track always instilled good qualities, both moral view or religious views.

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