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Weapons Heritage of Javanese Keris

Keris is a kind of short weapon used Melayu nationality since more than 600 years old. These weapons are unique in the world available from the Malays and the Malays populated areas such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, southern Thailand, southern Philippines (Mindanao), and Brunei.

Keris is used to defend themselves (such as silat) and as a means greatness of kings. This weapon is also a symbol of sovereignty of the Malays. The most famous keris Taming Sari keris is a weapon that Hang Tuah, a hero of the famous Malays.

Keris Melayu according to traditional practices need to be maintained by a bath at a certain period, such as Friday night. There are also practice the keris as a way to keep the metal kris and also to increase the venom. There is a saying that says: "Award to a person dependent for clothing." Maybe saying it was born from a psychologist's view that based on neatness, cleanliness of clothing worn one, it shows the character or characters that is in that person. In Central Java community in general to a specific event, such as the marriage ceremony, the men should wear the dress jangkep Jawi (Javanese costume complete).

And obligations that must be obeyed, especially by the groom, which must use the / use Java-style wedding dress, the batik berkain, wedding dress, headgear (kuluk), and also a keris tucked into the waist. Why should the keris? Because of the keris by the community in Java is represented as a symbol of "manhood". And sometimes, if for some reason unable to attend the bridegroom in the wedding ceremony of appointment, he represented a keris. Keris is a symbol of heritage.

This view is actually originated from the Javanese people's confidence first, that the beginning of the existence of beings on earth or in the world comes from an agrarian philosophy, namely the merging of elements from a man with a female element. In this world, Allah created the creatures in two types of sex that men and women, whether human, animal, or plant. Belief in an agrarian philosophy is very basic in the palace compound great family environment in Java, such as the Royal Palace of Kasunanan Surakarta, Yogyakarta Sultanate, and others. Trust was originally from Hinduism who never embraced by the community in Java. Then came the trust of father sky and mother earth / earth.

Which is also close to the philosophical belief in the Javanese agrarian embodied in the heritage of the procession ceremony before a Sura in the Javanese calendar with heirloom seed mengkirabkan Palace of weapons: spear heirloom, a large knife (bendho). Pengirab procession of superior weapons Karaton heritage walk around the palace complex, while focusing the mind, feelings, praise and plead with the Creator of the universe, to gain protection, happiness, physical and spiritual welfare.

The main function of the first heirloom weapon is a tool to defend themselves from enemy attack, and animals or to kill the enemy. But then a function of sharp weapons such as kris heritage or heirloom spear was changed. In times of peace, sometimes people use the keris completeness only as ceremonial dress when meeting bride greatness. So the keris was decorated with diamonds or a diamond on the upper base of the keris. Even the scabbard is made of metal so beautifully carved, gold-plated shining sebagaikebanggaan wearer. Then, could not help the keris is a commodity of high value business.

Tosan aji, or heirlooms weapons were not just the kris and spear Javanese, but almost all regions in Indonesia have a heritage mainstay weapons, such as in Aceh Rencong, Badik in Makassar, swords, spears tipped three (trident), keris bali, etc. other.

When Sultan Agung attack starch with a degree Duchy Garudha Nglayang war, Supit Urang, Wukir Jaladri, or degree Dirada Meta, soldiers who accompany the use of his spear gun carved kalacakra image. Keris heritage or heirloom spear that is the heritage of superior efficacy was not only because it is made of steel elements, iron, nickel, and even mixed with elements of rock meteorid falling from the sky so solid, but the way along to the accompaniment of making prayers to the Creator of Nature (Allah SWT) with a spiritual effort by the professor. That way, the spiritual power of Nature Creator that was believed to be the magical power or efficacy that can contain other party to influence the weapon of fear to the user's heritage.

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