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Sanur Beach is located in Sanur Village, South Denpasar District City of Denpasar. This beach is located on the east and south of the village of Sanur, which is the edge of the Indian Ocean south of Indonesia island of Bali. The place is famous since ancient times, especially when there is a war Puputan Badung on September 20, 1906 in which the Dutch troops landed there.

In the history of ancient Bali Sanur is also famous, and many slate monument, which is the inscription of King Kasari Warmadewa the berkeraton in 917 years Singhadwala, where there is now a Southern Blanjong charter Sanur Beach. Among Tourism, Sanur beach was first introduced by a Belgian artist named AJ Le Mayeur with his wife Ni Polok who permanently reside there since 1937 and held a painting exhibition of his work alone.Daya attraction north of Sanur as a semi-circle around the South part turned from East to West, where a wave of sea water was so large and visible when the water subsided stone reef which runs colorful. On the day near the moon and the sea water off a rather large wave. In the south-east Nusa Penida visible clusters across the sea and in the east of the panorama looks south coast of the island of Bali with the mountain. Sanur beach scene also looks beautiful in the afternoon, because the sea water condition usually low tide and waves are ripples of attacks and small.Gugusan island hill menjolok rocks into the sea across the sea visible from the south of Sanur.

Panorama south of Sanur more beautiful views in the morning. Place a strategic review is part of the East, the Semawang and Mertasari. The situation there was fresh air and blowing a comfortable sea breeze. The atmosphere along the coast of Sanur light and shade as full of big trees. Sanur beach for sunrise (Sun Rise), and sunbathing on a sandy beach along the Sanur white.Pantai distance 6 Km from Denpasar city center, can be reached by car, motorbike or public transport linking the town of Sanur Denpasar. Very crowded public transportation back and forth between the coast of Sanur, Denpasar, so there is no difficulty transportation problems, Sanur beach is very crowded visited by tourists and Nusantara Worldwide. Sundays and holidays, Sanur Beach into the city Denpasar choice for recreation while bathing in the sea. In the evening many people Purnama relax and bathe there, looking at the beauty of the beach at night. Besides the beach, Le Mayeur Museum is also a lot of interesting wisatawan.Fasilitas contained therein include the international standard hotels such as Hotel Grand Bali Beach, Hotel Hyatt, Hotel Sanur Beach, Hotel Sindu Beach, and many more throughout East and Southeast coast of Sanur. Art goods stalls and Art Shop, too much there. Accommodation and restaurant for tourists quite a lot available that is always ready to serve the interests of tourists.

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